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Cats On Wall


In the word search puzzle below you will find 13 words connected with cats; 
we've marked one so you get the idea.

Below that you can find out how to draw a cat. 

Near the bottom of the page is a little cat poem.

Then there are some questions for you to answer about "My Cat".
You can still do that even if you don't have a cat!

How To Draw A Cat
Draw A Cat 1In pencil, draw three circles like the ones on the right, each one slightly bigger than the one above, and overlapping.
Draw A Cat 2

Now draw around the outline so it looks like drawing number 4 on the right.

Next, rub out the pencil lines you don't need any more, and add ears and a tail so it looks like drawing number 5.

If you want to draw the front of the cat, drawing eyes, mouth and whiskers is easy.

Draw some more, perhaps at different sizes, and you can have Cats on a Wall, like the drawing below!
Cats On Wall

Six black cats were sitting on a wall
Three were big and three were small
Two ate chicken and two ate fish
And two liked mice on a silver dish.

Here are some questions about your cat.
If you want to print them on a piece of paper, click here to download the questions. 


Once you've answered the questions, told us what you like about your cat and done a cat drawing, you can send it to us.

You can e-mail it to or you can send it to us at:

My Cat, "Les amis des chats", 82150 Roquecor

We'll put the best ones here on our web site - and we will try to use some of your pictures in our 2011 calendar.

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