With miniscule administration costs, you can be sure that your donation to Les amis des chats will go directly towards helping cats.

All donations, whether large or small, make a huge difference in the lives of the cats that can be  helped. Without this generosity, Les amis des chats  would not be able to carry out a large part of our daily work.

Les amis des chats is a charity Reconnue d'Intérêt Général and has permission to issue fiscal receipts. 66% of your donation is tax deductible against your French tax (up to 20% of your taxable income). For example, a donation of 20 € will, in reality, cost you 6.80 €. Don't hesitate to ask us for a tax receipt. 

A donation to the charity Les amis des chats can be made by bank transfer, bank cheque in euros, or credit or debit card or PayPal from our website.

Help us by making a direct payment using Paypal - just click on the "Donate" button below, or you can send a French cheque in euros made out to "Les Amis Des Chats" to

Les Amis Des Chats
Le Bourg
82150 Roquecor

How to use your donation to receive a tax reduction:


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