Stray and feral cats



Read our leaflet: Caring for a stray cat

The proliferation of feral or stray cats in our villages can cause health problems for both cats and humans. It can also have a negative impact on the local environment and tourism. The aim of Les amis des chats is to compassionately improve the health and living conditions of both stray and domestic cats.

Cats often contract serious diseases and injuries when they fight to claim their territory or mate, and the unconstrained multiplication of the cat population can lead to malnourishment and nuisances.

The solution is trap-neuter-identification-return programmes such that the cats are sterilised and returned to their capture site. This limits the increase of the cat population in the wild, provides an effective protection against malnourishment and disease, and also offers the other advantages of neutered cats. See the Neutering Fact Sheet for more information on why neutering is advantageous for both the cats and their human counterparts.

The charity can only organise trap-neuter-return programmes in municipalites that have given the charity to act under a local council byelaw. The current list of communes is given below. The charity works in departement 82 and within 10 km of its border in departements 46, 47, 81, 31.

If you wish to have stray cats neutered, check the list below and whether the commune in which the cat lives is listed or not, please fully complete the request form below.

  1. The name of the commune is listed. Fully complete the form and send it to us. Forms sent by email are processed more rapidly. If your form is complete, depending on available funds, the charity issues an Accord (agreement to finance the procedures for the cat(s)) to the person who submitted the request and their chosen veterinarian. Accords are sent by email where ever possible to reduce our postage costs.
  2. The name of the commune is NOT on the list. There is no existing byelaw in favour of the charity. Fully complete the same form and send it to us. The charity will contact the Mayor to request official support for the trap/neuter/return programme in the municipality. (In order for Les Amis Des Chats to become involved, the council must issue a byelaw (arrêté) that allows the charity to commence a Trap-Neuter-Return programme.)

The charity does not trap the cats. Inhabitants help to trap the cats and take them to a local veterinarian. As traps need to be checked frequently it makes sense local people perform this task. A representatives from Les Amis Des Chats can provide training on setting the traps and dealing with the cats. See also our Factsheet Trapping Cats. The charity loans traps from our charity shops in Lauzerte and Roquecor. We have alot of requests for traps. A returnable deposit cheque of 50 euros is required and there is a form to complete. Please return the traps as soon as possible and in good condition.

Cats are identified with a microchip or tatoo under the name of the municipality or Les Amis Des Chats, as stipulated in the byelaw (see the Code Rural). This provides certain legal protection for the cats by indicating that they are owned. 

The cat is then returned to the area where it was trapped, thereby ensuring it retains local knowledge and is familiar with feeding possibilities and shelters.

Les Amis Des Chats provides villages with a method of controlling the local stray population without harming the cats. It is a method totally approved and endorsed by the CNSPA and leading cat charities. 

In some cases where people have taken things into their own hands, stray cats have been rounded up and shot, or even poisoned. The intervention of Les Amis Des Chats is intended to avoid such action. Stray cats still live in the community but their population is controlled and will diminish through monitoring and neutering.

Following a Trap-Neuter-Return request, the charity asks for a donation towards the veterinary costs and to enable us to continue our activites to help cats and residents.

Please note that Les amis des chats receives many requests for help but has very limited funds at the moment and due to the COVID-19 pandemic (no fundraising events).
We are very happy that you wish to have a stray cat neutered. However, please do not ask for help if you can, possibly with your neighbours, pay the costs yourself.
For each application for the "Trap-Sterilize-Identification-Realease" program the association asks for a small contribution to the veterinary costs. Your donation is 66% deductible from your taxes in France.
These actions will allow the association to perpetuate its actions and to sterilize more cats that were not sterilized during the lockdown.
Thank you so much for your understanding.


To apply for a Trap-Neuter-Identification-Return programme for stray cats
download the application and donation forms here

If you require further advice, please contact Les Amis Des Chats for more information about its Trap-Neuter-Return programme. 


Auvillar 82340 - please contact the Auvillar council
Beauville 47470
Belvèze 82150
Bessens 82170
Blaymont 47470
Bouloc 82110

Bourg de Visa 82190
Brassac 82190
Bressols 82710
Bruniquel 82800
Castelsagrat 82400
Castelmayran 82210
Caumont 82210

Caussade 82300
Caylus 82160
Cazals 82140
Cazes Mondenard 82110
Corbarieu 82370
Dausse 47140
Dolmayrac 47110
Dunes 82340
Engayrac 47470
Espalais 82400
Esparsac 82500
Fauroux 82190
Garganvillar 82100
Genebrieres 82230
Ginels 82330

Goudourville 82400
Grayssas 47270
Labastide du Temple 82100
Lacapelle Cabernac 46700
Lacour de Visa 82190
Lafrancaise 82130
Lamagistere 82360
Larrazet 82500
Lascabanes 46800
Lauzerte 82110
Lavaurette 82240
Le Causé 82500
Les Barthes 82100
Malause 82200
Mansonville 82120
Mas Grenier 82600
Milhars 81165
Mirabel 82440
Miramont de Quercy 82190 - please contact the Miramont de Quercy council
Molières 82220
Montaigu de Quercy 82150
Montalzat 82270
Montbarla 82110
Montcuq 46800
Montjoi 82400
Parisot 82160
Penne d'Agenais 47140
Pommevic 82400
Poupas 82120
Puygaillard de Quercy 82800
Puylaroque 82240
Puymirol 47270
Roquecor 82150
Saint Amans du Pech 82150
Saint Cirice 82340
Saint Clair 82400
Saint Georges 82240
Sainte Juliette 82110
Saint Laurent Lolmie 46800
Saint Loup 82340
Saint Martin de Beauville 47270
Saint Maurin 47270
Saint Nazaire de Valentane 82190
Saint Nicholas de la Grave 82210
Saint Pierre de Clairac 47270

Saint Projet 46300
Saint Projet 82160
Saint Sixte 47220
Saint Urcisse 81630

Sauveterre de Saveres (La) 47270
Sauveterre Saint Denis 47330
Septfonds 82240- please contact the Septfonds council
Serignac 82500
Sistels 82340
Tayrac 47270

Touffailles 82190
Tournon d'Agenais 47370
Valeilles 82150
Varen 82330

Verfeil sur Seye 82330
Vigneron 82500

La Ville Dieu du Temple 82290 - please contact the La Ville Dieu du Temple council
Villebrumier 82370 - please contact the Villebrumier council