Pet cats



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Les Amis Des Chats actively encourages cat owners to have their cats neutered by providing:

  • Veterinary information about the advantages of having your cat neutered (see our Health page under Neutering).
  • Neutering Vouchers (Bons de stérilisation):

To help cat owners in our area who find it difficult to afford the cost of the operation, we distribute neutering vouchers or bons. These are worth €50 for a female cat and €20 for a male cat, with the owner paying the remainder of the cost. Whilst we cannot indicate precisely how much your vet will charge for the surgery, these vouchers should cover a large proportion (between 40% and 60%) of the fees. Check with your local veterinarian for an exact quotation.

If you would like to apply for a neutering voucher to have your cat sterilised, please check that you meet all of the criteria below, then send us a completed application form and documents. 

Please note that vouchers must be issued by us and given to the veterinarian before the operation or we will not honour them.

  • Your location: You must live in Tarn and Garonne (82), within about 10 km of its boundary, or in a village in departements 46, 47, 81 in which the charity has permission to run cat neutering programmes - see list.
  • Your income level: You must submit an Avis d'Impôt sur le Revenu (including first and last pages) showing your name and address and a Revenu Fiscal de Référence (RFR) of less than 15,000€ for an individual (1 déclarant) or 19,000€ for a couple (déclarant 1 et 2). Students included under the parents' household income should include the Avis d'Impôt of their parents.
  • Proof of residence: If your name and address do not match that given on the Avis d'impôt, please submit other proof of residence such as household electricity or water bill.
  • Form and stamped self-addressed envelope : Your application must be made on the appropriate form and should be accompanied by copies of the documents mentioned above, as well as a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Neutering vouchers are distributed according to our discretion depending on the currently available funds of the association.

Les Amis Des Chats is a charity, and relies on donations to support its continued work. Vouchers can only be used for the sterilisation of a cat and are strictly personal. Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of the vouchers.

We recommended that you ask your vet to identify your cat at the same time as being neutered. Les Amis Des Chats do not pay for this, but we advise you to have your cat identified because it is a legal requirement (see Identification Factsheet) and so that your pet can be returned safely to you if lost or injured.