What is the vision of the charity Les amis des chats
Founded in 2000, the aim of Les amis des chats is to protect stray cats. Every year the charity helps to improve the well-being of hundreds of stray and pet cats in rural villages thanks to neutering.


Does the charity Les amis des chats work throughout France?
No, our action is focused on the cats located in the South-West France in the department 82 (Tarn et Garonne), and to some extent departments 46, 47 and 81.


Is my donation tax deductible ?
Yes. Les amis des chats is a charity Reconnue d'Intérêt Général and has permission to issue fiscal receipts, which we issue on request. 


 Can the charity Les amis des chats rehome or take my cat/kitten or a cat/kitten I have found for adoption?
No. Les amis des chats has no shelter or refuge for cats and kittens. We do not re-home cats. Our work is focused on neutering.

  How do I get help with neutering/spaying/castrating my cat(s)?
Les amis des chats distributes Neutering Vouchers according to certain criteria. The vouchers are means-tested and distributed to cat owners living in and nearby Tarn et Garonne. For more information, click here. To download an application form, click here

 I am feeding lots of strays and can't afford it, can I get help with food?
Sorry but Les amis des chats doesn’t do this.

I see numerous stray cats around my home, what can I do ?
There is a form to fill in so Les amis des chats can launch of a Trap-Neuter-Return programme. Download the TNR form here.  


Is there a Trap-Neuter-Return programme in my village?

More and more local councils in the department 82 and near by work with the charity Les amis des chats to neuter stray cats. We contact the local council when we receive a request because the Mayor needs to issue a byelaw This byelaw confirms and identifies Les amis des chats as allowed to start a TNR program in the municipality. The current list of local councils and other information is given here 

How can I support Les amis des chats

  • You can help us by giving some of your time or articles for our boutiques.

  • You can help us financially. The charity is run by volunteers and our adminstration costs are very low . Our annual reports are available here.  

  • You can help us by becoming a member